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Welcome to the 'Compression DataBase'

This database is a repository for various corpi for benchmarking the performance of compression-algorithms.


There exist various benchmarking-corpora for compressors in the internet, used by most of the researchers in the field of data-compression. But they mostly publish their results in the papers only.
This makes it hard - for both: professionals and amateurs - to compare their results and verify effectivity against those of others, also because they are mostly not aware of their existance.
I (for example) still miss corpora for a variety of both - interesting applications and advancing technologies:

These are very special topics, but considered to be widely in use (memory/processing-power increase) in the near future.
But also for some aspects of today are nearly inrepresent:

Especially for the latter I created some personal corpora that finally may lead to some official datasets for those areas of interest.
Another interesting but not crutial aspect is, that it's nearly impossible to get a global overview of changes and creations of compression-algorithms over time. For example for now no clear impact of the introduction of wavelet-algorithms on image-compression can be created or proofed.

So this are some reasons that lead to the creation of this centralized repository of results for any kind of compression over a broad range of well known and accepted as well as some experimental and personal corpora.

Before you use this system you should read the Terms of use. Mention the origin, help this site, make your implementation free. :-) If you can verify tests, please drop me a mail and I am going to strengthen the authenticity of the results through mentioning your confirmation.

TODO: There is always much to complete, and much left incomplete. Please be patient if not everything showing up, works (like the profiles in the bar to the left). A major addition I want to make within the next year, is to mention all papers available that do their evaluation on the files mentioned here.

Available Corpora:

Select one of the following Corpora to receive more informations and refine your results:

Copyrights: All of the files are covered under it's own copyrights, please refer to their descriptions for details. The results presented in this database are free for scientific use, under the sole restriction of mentioning the source (this page). You are allowed to copy the data out of result-tables as well as the result-graphs and include them (even with appended data) into your scientific work.